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Rosemary Ffolliet Collection Excerpts

           Collected from Newspapers 1756 - 1827

Riordan/Reardan, etc.

CMC M 12 Feb 1810

this morning at her mother's house, Henry street, Miss B. Reardan, 2nd dau of the late John Reardan Esq of Mary Brook in this co

TC M 23 Feb 1824

on Saturday morning in St Paul's church by the Rev. Thomas Waggett, Mr. George Tarrant of Mallow officer of excise to Miss Bridget Maria Reardon of this city

CMC W 9 May 1810

in Tralee, Mrs Catherine Riordan

TC S 3 Mch 1827

in Killarney on Monday by the Rev. Thomas Dunne, Mr Francis Healy of Tralee, apothecary, to Catherine eldest dau of the late Mr Michael Riordan of Killarney woollen and linen draper

CA S 30 May 1801

Tuesday at Macroom Mr. Charles Riordan, surgeon and apothecary

CEP Th 7 Oct 1790

died yesterday morning Mrs Riordan wife of Mr Cornelius Riordan, Paul street

CJ 24 Jan 1757

Advertisement_Samuel Hartwell apothecary, who served his apprenticeship to Mr Daniel Riordan of Mallow, has now opened shop in Corke…..

CEP Th 29 Spt 1763

last Monday in Mallow, Mr. Daniel Riordan, apothecary

HC M 17 May 1773

last Thursday at Ballyvourney, the Rev. Mr Daniel Riordan, a clergyman of the church of Rome

CA Th 16 Jly 1812

Advertisement: Daniel Rearden, No. 21, North Main Street, cloths, cashmeres, silkes, etc….

CA Th 27 May 1813

Advertisement: Dan Rearden, woollen draper, has removed to Goold's Buildings, No. 13, St Patrick street….

CMC M 5 May 1817

at her lodgings in Georgeps street by the Rev. David O'Keeffe, Mr. Daniel Reardan of Patrick street to Miss Barry of Kanturk

CEP M 27 Jly 1801

last week in Killarney, Mrs Riordan wife of Mr Daniel Riordan shopkeeper

CMC W 26 Jan 183

on Thursday in Mill street, Mrs Reardon wife of Mr Dan Reardon of London

CA Tu 12 May 1807

on Sunday morning Mrs Rearden wife of Mr Daniel Rearden, woollen draper, North Main street (bur. At Christchurch 13 May)

CJ 21 Jan 1760

Advertisement: Whereas Joan Cronin otherwise Riordan of the paris of Drishane in the co of Corke has eloped from her husband, Darby Riordan….Dated 3 Jan 1760

CA Th 8 Nov 1804

on Monday last in Pike's lane, Mr Denis Reardon, house carpenter

SR S 26 Mch 1808

on Sunday lsat by the Right Rev. Dr McCarthy, Mr Denis C Readon of Mallow lane to Miss Ryan of White's street

TC M 7 Apl 1823

Report on an Inquest held yesterday on the Body of Johanna wife of Daniel Connor who was stabbed with a bayonet in Mallow lane on Sunday by a process server named Edmond Reardon, now apprehended….

CJ Th 7 Nov 1754

Advertisement_Whereas Elizabeth Riordan otherwise Ahern wife of Thomas Ahern cooper in Shandon Castle lane has eloped…Dated 7 Nov

FDJ S 15 Oct 1768

in Mallow Lane, Cork Miss Ellen Reardon dau of Mr John Reardon of Gerane deceased

CA Tu 16 Spt 1800

in Hoare's Lane, Mr. James Riordan, carpenter

CMI S 16 Jne 1821

on Wednesday last in Doneraile in the 74th year of his age Mr. James Riordan, architect

CMC F 29 Apl 1814

on Sunday last by the Right Rev. Dr Sugrue, Michael Leyne Esq of this city to Johanna 2nd dau of Thomas Reardan Esq of Cockhill in the co of Kerry

TC W 4 Aug 1824

on the 29th ult in Kanturk, Johanna wife of John H. Reardon Esq

CEP M 26 Nov 1759

last Friday night Mr John Reirdon blacksmith of Turkey's Lane fell off the Mall into the Post Office Dock and was drowned

HC Th 22 Nov 1770

last Tuesday near Christchurch, Mr. John Riordan publican

HC M 11 Mch 1776

last Sunday at Moviddy church, Mr John Riordan of Gurranes to Miss Herrick of Ardnaclub….1500 pounds

HC M 20 Nov 1780

Saturday last, Mr John Reardon of this city to Miss Swanton of Kinsale

HC M 26 Mch 1792

at Marybrook, Mr John Riordan

CA Th 28 Jne 1804

last Sunday in Pike's lane, Mr John Rearden, house carpenter

CA Tu 22 Feb 1814

on Monday night, Mr. John Riordan butter merchant of this city to Grace, 3rd dau of Thomas Barry Esq M. D. Castlelyons

SR Th 23 Dec 1819

Advertisement: Bankrupt's Sale….John Reardon, Mallow lane on Tuesday next…casks, staves, hoops, household furniture, etc….

TC W 27 Nov 1822

on Saturday on the Middle Glanmire Road, the lady of John Herrick Reardan Esq o Mary Brook of a son and heir

CMC W 14 Aug 1805

by the Rev. Mr Forsayeth at St. Peter's church, James Ellis Knight Esq of this city to Miss Reardan eldest dau of John Reardan Esq late of Mary brook in this co (MLB Julia errick Reardan)

HC Th 18 Oct 1770

married Captain Ahern to Miss Riordan dau of capt. Riordan of the Sand Quay

CMC W 21 Spt 1808

yesterday Mr Francis Prendergast to Miss Reardon of Cove Lane

CEP Th 10 Mch 1763

last Saturday died in Mallow, Mrs. Mary Riordan wife of Mr Daniel Riordan apothecary

CMC W 8 Jan 1817

Advertisement: I caution the public against crediting my wife Mary Nowlan alias Readan…Signed James Nowlan, Fermoy, 7 Jan

CMC F 23 Spt 1814

on the 21st inst Mr Mathias Riordan of Cockhill in this co aged 78 years…husband and father (see also O"RIORDAN)

CEP M 13 Feb 1792

on Saturday Mr Michael Reardon, architect, a young man…

HC M 7 Aug 1780

a few days ago, Patrick Reardon Esq to Mrs Mary Hanson dau of the late Capt. Clifford