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Irish Birth, Death and Marriage
Civil Records


Civil registration of all births, marriages and deaths in Ireland became mandatory in 1864. Non-Catholic  marriages were recorded from 1845. Prior to that time, baptism and marriage records were kept at the churches. Most churches did not keep records of deaths. The civil records are all indexed by year. Beginning in 1878, they are also indexed by quarter.

Microfilm copies of these indexes are available through the LDS Family History Centers.

Once you have found an index entry that looks as though it is for the correct person, you can then order the film containing the actual record. The LDS also has microfilms of the actual birth, marriage and death records for some years. If the record isn't available on microfilm through the LDS Family History Centers, you can write to the GRO in Ireland to obtain it.

I highly recommend a service provided by a company called Genfindit. Their web site is at  Through them, you can order, on line, copies of civil birth, death, and marriage records. This is very convenient for those years that aren't available on microfilm through the Family History Library.

Detailed records available through LDS


Marriages: 1864-1870

Deaths: 1864-1870

Information on Civil Birth Records

Date and place of birth
Child's name and sex
Father's name, surname, and residence
Mother's name, maiden name, and residence
Informant (person who registered birth)
Father's occupation

Information on Civil Marriage Records

Marriage date and location
Names of bride and groom
Condition of bride and groom (bachelor, spinster, widow, widower, etc.)
Ages of bride and groom
Occupations of bride and groom
Residences of bride and groom
Names and occupations of the bride's and groom's fathers

Information on Civil Death Records

Date and location of death
Full name and sex of the deceased
Marital status of deceased
Age of deceased
Cause of death and duration of final illness