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Casey Collection Marriages

Swanton Marriages
Casey Collection
Volume 4
1716 - 1844
Diocese of Cork and Ross

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Bride Groom Year of Marriage
Amelia Swanton Henry Jagoe 1797
Ann Swanton Abraham Jagoe 1801
Ann Swanton Francis Noal 1800
Ann Swanton James Swanton 1792
Ann Swanton William Young 1801
Anne Swanton James Atteridge 1828
Anne Swanton John Atteridge 1834
Anne Swanton Thomas Bateman 1804
Anne Swanton Thomas Bourke 1798
Anne Swanton Charles Duclow 1833
Anne Swanton John Holmes 1798
Anne Swanton Robert Swanton 1822
Avis Swanton Thomas Beamish 1825
Avis Swanton John Roycraft 1783
Benjamin Swanton Julia Donovan 1804
Benjamin Swanton Mary Swanton 1834
Brigit Swanton Henry Jermyn 1759
Catherine Swanton James Donovan 1820
Catherine Swanton John Jagoe 1815
Catherine Swanton Richard Long 1785
Catherine Swanton Robert Swanton 1807
Catherine Swanton John Swetenham 1758
Catherine Swanton James Wren 1803
Catherine Emily Swanton Jan Smith Corner 1842
Elias Swanton Mary Shannon 1789
Elise Swanton Thomas Daly 1814
Elise Swanton Charles Dukalow 1839
Elise Swanton Samuel Jagoe 1806
Elise Swanton Henry Jermyn 1844
Elise Swanton John Reardon 1780
Elise Swanton Robert Warner 1806
Elizabeth Swanton Thomas Attridge 1808
Elizabeth Swanton John Beamish 1760
Elizabeth Swanton John Lavers 1765
Elizabeth Swanton James Moore 1808
Elizabeth Swanton John Read 1797
Elizabeth Swanton Robert Warner 1841
Elizabeth Swanton John Wren 1757
Ellen Swanton James Creage 1805
Ellen Swanton Jas. Hawes 1752
Ellen Swanton William Milner 1817
Ellen Swanton Henry Orpin 1809
Ellen Swanton Robert Sullivan 1834
Ellen Swanton John Swanton 1798
Ellen Swanton John Swanton 1815
Ellen Swanton Jan. Vickery 1827
Ellen Swanton Joseph Wcenter 1817
Elinor Swanton Jan. Swanton 1781
Esther Swanton William Levis 1802
Frances Swanton Elias Reycraft 1776
George Swanton Francis Pere 1773
George Swanton Mary Reacraft 1789
George Swanton Susan Roycraft 1839
George Swanton Ellen Williamson 1837
George Swanton Charlotte Wcenter 1823
Hugh Hutchison Swanton Alice Jagoe 1841
James Swanton Anne Attridge 1833
James Swanton Jane Copithorn 1833
James Swanton Elisabeth Kingston 1803
James Swanton Sarah Lavers 1758
James Swanton Mary Lee 1838
James Swanton Susanna O'Hara 1828
James Swanton Ann Shannon 1792
James Swanton Ann 1793
James Swanton Elinor Swanton 1781
James Swanton Jane Willis 1825
James Hutchinson Swanton Patience Swanton 1829
Jane Swanton Francis Browne 1766
Jane Swanton William Wolfe 1836
John Swanton Patience Aldworth 1828
John Swanton Elisabeth Biggs 1766
John Swanton Rachel Clarke 1773
John Swanton Mary Copithorn 1830
John Swanton Margaret Dukelow 1836
John Swanton Ellen Hawes 1783
John Swanton Ursala Judge 1777
John Swanton Cath. Otterbridge 1798
John Swanton Ellen Swanton 1798
John Swanton Ellen Swanton 1815
John Clarke Swanton Jane Hornibrook 1809
Margaret Swanton James Shorten 1798
Margaret Swanton William Swanton 1829
Margaret Swanton Samuel Woulfe 1841
Martha Swanton John Wheeler 1789
Mary Swanton James Attridge 1839
Mary Swanton William Brown 1805
Mary Swanton Mathew Copithorn 1821
Mary Swanton John Davidson 1814
Mary Swanton Thomas Hegarty 1836
Mary Swanton John Jagoe 1837
Mary Swanton Thomas Johnson 1773
Mary Swanton George Kingston 1842
Mary Swanton John Lemabert 1813
Mary Swanton William Levis 1844
Mary Swanton Robert Newman 1820
Mary Swanton Nich. Roberts 1825
Mary Swanton John Smith 1752
Mary Swanton Benjamin Swanton 1834
Mary Swanton William Swanton 1799
Mary Swanton John Warner 1810
Mary Swanton George Wren 1791
Mary Ann Swanton Richard Long 1823
Michael Swanton Susannah Shannon 1814
Patience Swanton Stephen Browne 1838
Patience Swanton Ed. Elsmore Noble 1825
Patience Swanton Jas. Hutchinson Swanton 1829
Patience Swanton William Swanton 1818
Patience Swanton Robert Vickery 1833
Peacy Swanton William Swanton 1776
Rebecca Swanton Alex Pattinon 1825
Rebecca Swanton Samuel Vickery 1824
Richard Swanton Sarah Evans 1790
Richard Swanton Catherine Dillman 1831
Richard Swanton Elis. Sweetnam 1841
Richard Swanton Mary Cole 1828
Robert Swanton Jane Dennis 1807
Robert Swanton Deborah Higgins 1770
Robert Swanton Mary Hoin 1769
Robert Swanton Catherine Jagoe 1751
Robert Swanton Francis Levis 1825
Robert Swanton Diana Lewis 1755
Robert Swanton Anne Swanton 1822
Robert Swanton Catherine Swanton 1807
Robert Swanton Elizabeth Woulfe 1782
Robert Swanton Catherine Wren 1822
Robert Hutchinson Swanton Margaret Hutchinson 1837
Samuel Swanton Jane Aldworth 1794
Samuel Swanton Jane Good 1844
Samuel Swanton Mary Reacraft 1761
Samuel Swanton Elis. Shannon 1835
Samuel Swanton Mary Shannon 1813
Samuel Swanton Martha Trindle 1843
Sarah Swanton Thomas Aldworth 1804
Sarah Swanton William Attridge 1842
Sarah Swanton Richard Beamish 1828
Sarah Swanton Natth. Evanach 1825
Sarah Swanton John Lavers 1792
Sarah Swanton William Lavis 1833
Sarah Swanton Francis Roycroft 1827
Sarah Swanton William Shannon 1813
Sarah Swanton Jeremiah Sullivan 1821
Sarah Swanton John Waugh 1812
Sarah Swanton John Wolfe 1827
Stephen Swanton Elizabeth Duclow 1830
Susanna Swanton Walter Evans 1824
Susanna Swanton Richard Sefton 1796
Thomas Swanton Phoebe Hayes 1780
Thomas Swanton Jane Sullivan 1835
William Swanton Jane Beamish 1834
William Swanton Charlotte Browne 1843
William Swanton Frances Jagoe 1841
William Swanton Constance Hutchinson 1807
William Swanton Margaret Swanton 1829
William Swanton Rosanna Woolf 1768
Young Swanton Frances O'Hara 1816
Young Swanton Cath. Williamson 1830