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Ellen Ahern (Swanton) was born in 1861 or 1862 (based on US census information and her marriage record) in the parish of Kilbeheny, in the County of Limerick. Her parents were William Ahern and Alice Corbett. She married James Swanton, the brother of my great grandfather, Robert Swanton

The following baptismal records are from the Kilbeheny parish records:

Date Child Parents Sponsors
August 27, 1859 Thomas Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett Edmond Corbett, Margaret Corbett
July 1861 or 1862 ? Ellen Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett Unknown
March 2, 1862 Patrick Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett Patrick Cleary, Mary Corbett
January 27, 1864 Margaret Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett Patrick Ahern, Margaret Sheehan
December 26, 1865 Thomas Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett Thomas Ahern, John Sheehan
March 15, 1868 John Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett Thomas O'Brien, Ellen Tobin
August 29, 1870 William Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett William Noonan, Anne Maher
December 18, 1872 Johanna Ahern William Ahern, Alice Corbett William O'Brien, Ellen Cleary

Ellen Ahern married James Swanton, son of Michael and Elizabeth Bradfield, on August 18, 1885 in Boston, MA. James Swanton was my great grand-uncle. Ellen and James were both Roman Catholics, and were married by the Reverend William J. Corcoran.

Ellen and James Swanton had the following children:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Cause of Death
Michael J. Swanton February 1888 January 28, 1960 Intracerebral hemorrhage, hypertension
William J. Swanton January 1890 1918 Unknown
James Swanton February 1892 April 18, 1898 Mitral insufficiency, 8 months
Robert Swanton February 1892 August 1, 1892 Cholera infantum, 4 days
Elizabeth Swanton November 1895 January 13, 1900 Diptheria, 6 days, Taxaemia, 3 days
George Swanton October 1896 January 11, 1900 Diptheria, 4 days, Taxaemia, 2 days
John Swanton July 1898 November 1960 Unknown
Patrick Swanton January 1900 Unknown Unknown

In 1900, Ellen and James Swanton lived at 185 Bowen Street, South Boston, MA. James died on June 21, 1901 of pleuro pneumonia (8 days) and oedema of the lungs (3 days). He was buried at Holy Cross Cemetary in Malden, MA. There is no marker for his grave.

Photo of Alice Corbett Ahern

Ellen Ahern on steps with baby

Ellen Ahern in cemetary

Marriage Record of James Swanton and Ellen Ahern

Photo of William Ahern

Photo of Johanna Ahern McNamara

Ann and Gilbert Gillen

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