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Ahern Newspaper Mentions

1756 - 1827

HC Th 11 Jan 1770

this morning on the Sand Quay Miss Anne Ahern

CMC M 9 Nov 1812

on the 23rd Oct last Mrs. Anne Ahern wife of Mr. James Ahern, woollen draper

HC Th 18 Oct 1770

married Capt. Ahern to Miss Riordan dau of Capt. Riordan of the Sand Quay

TC F 20 Feb 1824

yesterday morning Mr. Charles Ahern youngest son of the late Mr. John Ahern of Broad lane

HC M 23 Dec 1776

this day near North gate, Mr. Edward Ahern grocer

TC M 4 Aug 1823

on Tuesday last by the Rev. T. Ryan, Mr. Charles McCarthy of Kanturk to Miss Ellen Ahern dau of Mr. James Ahern of Liscarrol

HC Th 18 Jne 1778

died last Tuesday at his house in Cat lane in an advanced age Mr. Garret Ahern an eminent nursery and seedsman

HC M 1 Dec 1 1794

yesterday morning in Cat Lane, Mr. Garret Ahern

CJ Th 1 Jan 1756

Advertisement: Garret Aghern, gardner, nursery and seedsman, living above the Old Barracks in Cat lane, Corke…

CEP M 1 Dec 1794

died this morning Mr. Garrett Ahern, seedsman

CH S 13 Dec 1794

Advertisement: James Ahern, nursery and seedsman, successor to his late brother, Garrett Ahern…No. 2 Castle St.

HC M 30 Spt 1799

died yesterday in Cat lane Mr. James Ahern gardner and seedsman

CA Tu 5 Jly 1814

on Saturday 25th inst by the Rev. John O'Connell, Mr. James Ahern woollen draper, Liscarroll, to Eliza 7th dau of McCarthy of Kilgardimore in the co Kerry Esq

HC Th 30 Apl 1795

yesterday in Cat lane, Mrs. Ahern mother to Mr. James Ahern seedsman

CEP Th 19 Apl 1792

yesterday in Cat lane after a tedious illness, Mr. John Ahern

HC M 18 Dec 1797

last week at Carrigeen near Doneraile, John Ahern farmer aged 111 - used to walk quarter of a mile every Sunday and Holy day to Mass

CMC W 17 Jly 1811

married in Doneraile on the 14th inst by the Rev Dr Lewis Walsh, Mr. John Ahern of Mallow grocer to Miss Harding

CMC W 15 Oct 1817

yesterday morning at his house in Broad lane, Mr. John Ahern

TC Th 25 Jan 1827

yesterday morning at Cove Mr. John Ahern Revenue boatman…. leaves wife and 8 young children

FDJ Tu 1 May 1764

last week at Shandon Church, Corke, Mr. Jon. Ahern to Miss Rachael Tweed of the North Abbey, Corke

CA Th 1 Apl 1813

on Monday last at Ballyortan Mrs Ahern

SR S 12 Spt 1818

yesterday morning by the Rev Mr. McNamara, Mich. Fitzgerald Revenue officer of Cove to Miss Ahern

SR Th 15 Feb 1827

on Tuesday at Ballyortan the lady of M. Ahearne Esq. Of a dau

HC M 14 Nov 1791

yesterday at St. Nicholas church Mr. George Williams of Spring Hill to Miss Margaret Ahern of Brook Lodge

FDJ S 11 Apl 1761

Mr. Francis Sergerson of Corke merchant to Miss Aghern (MLB Maria Aghern)

CMI Th 17 May 1821

on Tuesday at Ballyogan by te Rev. Mr. Taylor, Michael Mackay Esq of Dromada to Margaret eldest dau of Mr. Maurice Aherne of Bishopstown

HC M 13 Aug 1781

last Saturday Mr. Garret Barry of Mallow lane to Miss Mary Ahern of the north gate

CA S 28 May 1803

this day Mr. Henry Franks of St. Patrick street to Miss Ahern of said street (MLB Mary Ahern: married at St. Mary Shandon 29 May)

CMC F 29 Jly 1808

on the 26th at Drimoleague, Mr. T. Martin to Miss Mary Ahern of the Main street, Bantry

SR Tu 9 Nov 1819

on Saturday evening by the Rev. Thos O'Keeffe, Mr. Maurice Daly to Mary 2nd dau of the late Mr John Ahern of this city

TC S 3 Nov 1827

on Thursday morning Mrs Mary Ahern relict of the late John Ahern of this city

CEP Th 15 May 1788

Advertisement the assignees of Maurice Ahern a bankrupt will sell his term and interest in his dwelling house and concerns in Cove lane held from Mr John Bradshaw by 990 year lease from Nov. 1782…also his malthouse in Blackpool held for 30 years from March 1782…etc…

SR Th 2 Feb 1826

on Tuesday last Maurice Ahern esq of Ballyorgan to Alice eldest dau of Robert Prendergast Esq of Marlhill co Tipperary

HC M 1 Dec 1777

Saturday, Mr. Robert Ahern cooper…his death was occasioned by the bruises he received from falling over the Drawbridge Quay on Wednesday night last

CEP M 21 Nov 1757

this morning died Mrs Ahern wife of Mr Robert Ahern wine cooper

CJ Th 7 Nov 1754

Advertisement: whereas Elizabeth Riordan otherwise Ahern wife of Thomas Ahern cooper in Shandon Castle Lane has eloped….no debts paid….dated 7 Nov.

CA Tu 23 May 1815

Advertisement: Thomas Ahern, umbrella, parasol and oil cloth manufactory, No. 3 Broad Lane, Cork…

CMC W 30 Jly 1817

on the 20th inst at an advanced age, Mr. Thomas Ahern Liscarroll

CMC M 4 Apl 1808

on Sunday morning last Mrs Ahern wife of Mr. Thomas Ahern, New Bridge Street

HC Th 14 Aug 1777

last Wednesday died Rev. Timothy Aghern, a clergyman of the Church of Rome

CJ 19 Aug 1762

Advertisement: whereas Margaret Ahern otherwise Hannon wife of William Ahern of Crottera in the co of Corke hath eloped….dated 9 Aug 1762