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Swanton Wills in Ireland

Reverend John Clerke Swanton
Effects under 200 pounds
April 23, 1879

Letters of Administration of the personal estate of the Reverend John Clerke Swanton, late of Great Cotes, Ulceby County Lincoln Clerk deceased who died 27 March 1878 at same place were granted at the Principal Registry to John B. Davidson of Wellington villa Saint Luke's Military-road Cork Draper the Attorney of John C. Hagerty the nephew of the deceased (Limited)

James Robert Swanton
Effects 599 pounds
March 28, 1883

Letters of Administration of the personal estate of James Robert Swanton late of Rathruvanemore, County Cork, farmer, deceased who died 30 January 1882 at same place were granted to Mary Swanton of same place (Ballydehob), the widow.

Amelia Swanton
Effects in Ireland 1,074 pounds, 7 shillings, 6d
May 27, 1884

Amelia Swanton (wife of James Hutchinson Swanton, Esquire), formerly of 6 Orwell-park Rathgar County Dublin and late of 8 Royal-parade Cheltenham County Gloucester. Died January 25, 1884. Administration (with will annexed) granted at District Registry Gloucester April 1, 1884. Resealed at Principal Registry, Dublin.

Robert Swanton
January 23, 1884

The Will of Robert Swanton late of Gurtnagrough County Cork Esq. who died Aprli 2, 1883 of same place was proved at Cork by James Robert Swanton of Bantry in said County, Esquire, M.D., the sole executor.

John Gilman Swanton
Effects 230 pounds
June 4, 1886

The Will of John Gilman Swanton of Ann-street Belfast, Publican who died February 9, 1886 at same place was proved at Belfast by Mary Jane Swanton of Ann-street Belfast, Widow, one of the executors.

Thomas Swanton
Effects 322 pounds, 17s 6d
July 13, 1886

Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Thomas Swanton late of Marsh, Ballydehob County Cork, Farmer who died May 6, 1886 at same place were granted to Maria Swanton of same place, spinster, the daughter.

John Clerke Swanton
Tanner, Brideswell Quay, Bandon
Died July 20, 1835

Wife: Jane Hornibrook Swanton


Samuel Swanton, Ballydehob
Died December 17, 1834
Administrator: Jane Swanton