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William Swanton

First Generation

1.    William Swanton Sr. lived in London, England.

    2.    William

Second Generation

2.    William Swanton married Charlotte Kelly. They came to New York City in the late 18th century. He was a store owner. He ran for governor about 1795.

    3.    Courtney, born 1840
    4.    James
    5.    William
    6.    Steven
    7.    Thomas
    8.    Anna
    9.    Mary

Third Generation

3.    Courtney Swanton married Ella Regan. Courtney and Ella died when the children were young, and they lived with their grandparents (#2).

    10.    James, born 1881
    11.    Fred
    12.    Mary

Fourth Generation

10.    James Swanton married Lena May Wilt. In 1967, May was 87 and lived in Dayton, Ohio.

    13.    George
    14.    Russell (son Jack lives in Dayton, Ohio)
    15.    Elwood, Dayton, Ohio
    16.    Robert
    17.    Edward
    18.    Doris


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