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Thomas J. Swanton

First Generation

1.    Thomas J. Swanton was born in Fairport, NY on November 16, 1864, and died on May 5, 1940. He was founder, and later President, of the National Bank of Commerce of Rochester. He married Georgiana Hopkins who died at 93 on January 28, 1963 in Brooklyn, NY.

    2.    Hobart Pond, born 1892
    3.    Edward Robert, born 1897

Second Generation

2.    Hobart Pond Swanton died in 1951. He married Marie Curley.

3.    Edward Robert Swanton died in 1963. He married Ida Celeste Hjorth Anderson. She was born in 1904 and died in 1975. He lived in California, Denver, and Albany, Oregon. In World War I, he was in the Navy Air Force. In World War II, he was Lieutenant Commander in the Asiatic Pacific

    4.    Georgiana Hjorth, born 1928

Third Generation

4.    Georgiana Hjorth

    5.    Catherine Celeste Clark, born 1948
    6.    Karen Renee Biloff, born 1950
    7.    Diane Hjorth Olseon, born 1951

Fourth Generation

5.    Catherine Celeste Clark

    8.    Leonard Patrick Dean Rios, born 1969
    9.    Joshua Smith, born 1974

6.    Karen Renee Biloff married an Oaks (?)

    10.    Angela, born 1971

7.    Diana Hjorth Olseon

    11.    Ida Jane Hjorth, born 1985


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