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Richard Swanton

First Generation

1.    Richard Swanton (deceased) married Kathy McClean of 5 Main Street, Skibbereen.

    2.    Archie
    3.    Eddie
    4.    Freddie
    5.    Ernie
    6.    Effie

Second Generation

2.    Archie Swanton lived in England, married Norah Plunkett, now deceased.

    7.    Angus
    8.    Irma

3.    Eddie Swanton mraried Olive Hall, lived in Skibbereen, is now deceased.

      9.    Jasper
    10.    Olivia

4.    Freddie Swanton lived in Mission City, Vancouver, and had three children. They each had four children.

5.    Ernie Swanton lived in Skibbereen, never married, deceased.

6.    Effie lived in Skibbereen, deceased.

Third Generation

7.    Angus married a Moore, lives in England, no children

8.    Irma married Bryan Shaw, lives in England.

    11.    Rory
    12.    Moya

9.    Jasper Swanton married Lorna Taylor, lived in Cork. He died in 1987.

    13.    Jasper, died unmarried
    14.    Adrian
    15.    Wial, died unmarried

10.    Olivia married Dr. I. R. MacAuley

    16.    Alastair
    17.    Gavin
    18    Eve


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