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Richard Swanton

First Generation

1.    Richard Swanton of Clonakilleena (Glounakilleena), West Cork.

Second Generation

2.    Richard Swanton married Mary Riordan of Cloyne, 2nd wife Ellen Morrissey

    3.    Dennis
    4.    William
    5.    John (went to South America)
    6.    Annie (was a nun)
    7.    Katie (was a nun)
    8.    Richard, born 1851

Third Generation

3.    Dennis of New York married Eileen Sheehan and had May and Denny.

4.    William of California had William, Dennis and Jack.

8.    Richard Swanton was born in 1851 and died January 1928. In 1892 he married Helena Mary Genin who was born in Paris, July 1865, and died in Cobh on November 3, 1953.

    9.    Mary de Ricci    b. 1894

    10.    Richard Joseph    b. 1896 d. 1936 consumption

    11.    William Aloysius    b. 1906

    12.    Ann Margaret    b. 1908

    13.    John

Fourth Generation

11.    William Aloysius Swanton married Daisy Kingston 1949 and they live at Glenmore, Cobh, Cork. Daisy's father was Samuel Kingston. Her grandmother was Sarah Wolfe, and her great-grandmother was a Swanton!

    14.    Sylvia Helene    b. 1951
    15.    Richard Samuel    b. 1955
    16.    Eva Olive    b. 1958

13.    John went to South American and changed his name to Swanston. He has a son Jim who has two children: Patricia and Daniel.

Fifth Generation

14.    Sylvia Helene married Jonathan Wigham in 1973 and attended the Swanton Reunion.


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