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Michael Swanton

First Generation

1.    Michael Swanton was a carpenter. (Source: John's marriage record)

            2.    John Swanton was born about 1841.

Second Generation

2. John Swanton was born around 1841. In 1862, he lived at
      CappaGlasheen, Parish of St. Finn Barr's, City of Cork. 
      He was a carpenter.

On September 29, 1862, John Swanton  married Elizabeth Evans, also of CappaGlasheen, the daughter of Henry Evans, a shoemaker. They were married at the Registrar's office in Cork City, which is why it appears in the civil records. However, I wonder if they also had a Catholic wedding, as John's son Michael was Catholic.

The witnesses for their wedding were Hanah Lemain and John Lemain.

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

        3.   James Charles Swanton, born Nov. 26, 1865
        4.    Mary Ellen Swanton, born January 20, 1866
        5.    Michael Henry Swanton, born 1867
        6.   John James Swanton, born May 4, 1868

I haven't been able to find a death record for Elizabeth Swanton. However, she may have died before 1870. I found a birth record for a child born to John Swanton, a carpenter living at 45 Paul Street, No. 5 Centre, Cork City, and Hannorah Connell:

        7.    Eliza Agnes, born July 24, 1870, died in 1872

John Swanton died in 1915 in Cork City at the age of 74.


Third Generation

3.    James Charles Swanton was born on November 26, 1865. The family's
        residence then was 69 Paul Street, Cork City. His grandfather, Henry Evans,
        was present at birth and was the informant for the civil birth record. James
       Charles died on August 6, 1867 at Paul Street. The cause of death
       was "decline 2 years". His grandfather, Henry Evans, was present when he

4.    Mary Ellen Swanton was born on January 20, 1866. The family's residence
        when she was born was 20 Paul Street, Cork City. Mary Ellen died on  
        September 22, 1867 at Paul Street. No cause of death was given. Her
        grandfather, Henry Evans, was present when she died.

5.    Michael Henry Swanton was born in 1867 or 1868. I haven't been able to
        find a birth record for him yet. Michael lived at 19 Paul Street, Cork City, and
        was a carpenter.  He married Agnes Cronin on September 1, 1888 at the
        Roman Catholic Church of Sts. Peter & Paul in Cork City.

        Agnes Cronin lived at 12 Moore Street, Cork City. She was the daughter of
         Denis Cronin, a painter. Both Michael and Agnes were of full age (at least
         21) when they were married. The witnesses to their marriage were James
         Ahern and Anne Johnson.

        Michael and Agnes had the following children:

                6.   John Charles Swanton, born May 15, 1889
                       19 Paul Street, Cork City
                        Informant: Agnes Swanton, mother

                7.    William Francis Swanton, born Jan. 19, 1891
                        19 Paul Street, Cork City
                        Informant: Agnes Swanton, mother

                8.     Eliza Agnes Swanton, born Dec. 20, 1893
                         4 Moore Street, Cork City
                         Informant: Agnes Swanton, mother

                9.    Denis Michael Swanton, July 22, 1897
                         3 Paul Street, Cork City.
                         Informant: Eliza Swanton, 8 Nelson's Place, present at birth

              10.     Mary Frances Swanton, Sept. 20, 1903
                         11 St. Catherine Sq., Cork City
                          Informant: Mary Kinahan, 12 Church Street, present at birth

              11.      Gerald James Swanton, Oct. 31, 1900
                          3 Corn Market Street, Cork City
                          Informant: Agnes Swanton, mother

Michael Swanton died in 1914 at the age of 46.

6.   John James Swanton was born on May 4, 1868 at Paul Street, No. 5 District, Cork City. In 1894, he married Margaret Desmond. They had the following child:

            12.    Nicholas Swanton was born on May 3, 1902 at 44 Gillabey Street,
                      RD No. 6, Cork City

7.    Eliza Agnes Swanton was born on July 24, 1870 at 45 Paul Street, No. 5
       Centre, Cork City. Her mother was Hannorah Connell Swanton, possibly John
       Swanton's second wife. Eliza Agnes Swanton died in 1872.


Note: I haven't been able to tie this family line into my line yet. However, I suspect there has to be some connection.

My Swantons were Catholic, and most of the men in my line were carpenters. My gg-grandfather was Michael Swanton, a Roman Catholic carpenter (born around 1815). He lived in the townland of Boulteen, just south of the town of Enniskeane.


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