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John Swanton and Honora Riordan (Reardon)

First Generation

1.    John Swanton was born in 1844. He was the son of Richard Swanton and lived at Dillon's Cross. John was a typographical printer/compositor.

On October 30, 1869, he married Honora Riordan at St. Patrick's Catholic church in Cork City.  Honora was the daughter of John Riordan, a tailor, and lived at Barrack Cross. The witnesses to their marriage were John Riordan, Ellen Barry and James J. Cunningham.

John Swanton died in 1915 at the age of 74.

John and Hanora had the following children:

            2.    Mary Swanton, born August 13, 1870
            3.    John Swanton, born June 1, 1873
            4.    Johanah Swanton, born July 23, 1878
            5.    Edward Swanton, born November 26, 1879
            6.    Catherine Swanton, born May 27, 1881
            7.    Agnes Swanton, born May 21, 1884

Second Generation

 2.    Mary Swanton was born on August 13, 1870 at Barrack Stream, Cork RD No. 1, North Cork City

3.     John Swanton was born on June 1, 1873 at  6 Harrington Road, Dillon's Cross, RD Cork No. 7 North Cork, Cork City

4.     Johanah Swanton was born on July 23, 1878 at 37 Ballyhooly Road, RD No. 1, Cork City

5.    Edward Swanton was born on November 26, 1879 at 37 Ballyhooly Road, RD No. 1, Cork City

6.    Catherine Swanton was born on May 27, 1881 at 37 Ballyhooly Road, RD No. 1, Cork City

7.    Agnes Swanton was born on May 21, 1884 at Windsor Cottage, RD No. 1, Cork City


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