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John Swanton

First Generation

1.    John Swanton emigrated  from County Cork to San Francisco in the late 19th century. He was an employee of Southern Pacific on the Bay Ferries.

    2.    John, born 1881
    3.    Herbert Stuart, born 1885

He deserted his wife and took John. She divorced him in 1890. Last heard in 1916 was still an employee of Southern Pacific Railway.

Second Generation

3.    Herbert Stuart Swanton married Alice in San Francisco in 1910.

    4.    Donald Jackson, born 1911
    5.    Herbert S. Jr., born 1912
    6.    William, born 1916

Third Generation

4.    Donald Swanton, married

    7.    John William, Temple City

5.    Herbert Stuart Swanton Jr., married.

    8.    Robert
    9.    Linda

6.    William Swanton, died in 1948.

    10.    Richard
    11.    Willis (daughter)

There was a William Swanton in San Mateo in 1945, as bills used to get mixed up.

There was a Bert Swanton in Contra Costa, CA, who was in business in the yacht harbor.


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