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John Swanton and Elizabeth Wright

Note: I have two trees for this family, and I'm working at combining them.

First Generation

1.   John Swanton of Ireland. He married Elizabeth Wright.

2.            Robert, born 1798

         Eight other children, names unknown

Second Generation

2.   Robert Swanton married Elizabeth Wolfe of Ballydehob, Ireland, in 1817.

Their children were:

  3.      John
  4.      James William, born 1823
  5.      Richard
  6.      William
  7.      Ellen
  8.      Ann
  9.      Sarah
10.       Elizabeth
11.       Mary

Third Generation

4.   James William Swanton was a clerk of mills and a farmer. He married Mary Sullivan or Swanton. He lived in Rineen, County Cork. He belonged to the Church of England, but he and his family joined the Methodist Church. His Irish book said that Swanton was a form of a Scottish name Swanson originating in Caithness.

Their children were:

12.    Robert, born 1850 in Cork
13.       John, died in Australia (single)
14.       William, died in Australia (single)
15.       Richard
16.       James, born 1868
17.       Tom
18.       Sarah
19.       May
20.       Elizabeth
21.       Nellie

Fourth Generation

12.    Robert Swanton married Margaret Sweetnam from Mt. Gabriel in 1896. Margaret was born in 1869 and died in Canada in 1951. Robert died in 1920.

Their children were:

22.         Maisie Victoria         b. 1897
23.         James W.         b. October 1898
24.         Austin         b. 1899
25.         Sarah         b. 1900
26.         Richard         b. 1902
27.         Tom         b. 1903
28.         (Margaret) Madge         b. 1905
29.         Emily         b. 1907
30.         Robert         b. 1909
31.         Agnes         b. 1913 in Watts Kay  

15.             Richard Swanton married twice. After his wife died, he went to South America. He is the grandfather of Alan Swanton of Gladstone Park, Victoria, Australia. He married a Spanish girl, Inocentia.

His children were:

32.   Enrico         his son (31A?) was studying to be a doctor
33.       Ricardo
34.       A son
35.       A son
36.       Anita
37.       Bessie  

16.             James Swanton was baptized in the parish of Castlehaven, County Cork. He emigrated to Australia. In 1906, he married Heath Pearce, who was born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1881. Her motherís family name was Murdoch and came from Scotland. Her fatherís name was Pearce, and he came from England. James Swanton was a storekeeper and a farmer. He died in 1935.

His children were:

38.         James Pearce         b. 1907
39.         Alan Henry         b. 1909
40.         Robert         b. 1910
41.         Harold Thomas         b. 1912

18.             Sarah Swanton married Tom Bryan.

19.       May Swanton married Amos Shire in Australia. Mayís daughter, Maude, married Willie Chote in Queensland. Maide died in 1946.

            Maudeís daughter, Betty Tramacchi, lives in Gympie, Queensland, Australia.

            Bettyís daughter, Jennifer Saardoni, lives in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

Fifth Generation

22.       Maisie Victoria married Donald Stephens in 1922 in Australia. They had a son, Robert, who died in 1934 at one year. Maisie died in 1939.

23.       James W. Swanton lived in Chatham, Ontario.

24.       Austin Swanton married Hope Benson. He was a Canon in the Church of Ireland. He died in 1959 in Enniskillen.

Their children were:

42.            Joy
43.            Winsome

25.       Sarah died in 1916 in Dublin, Ireland.

26.            Richard Swanton was killed in action in France in October of 1918.

27.       Thomas Swanton came to Canada with his mother and three sisters in the early 1900ís. He lived in Merlin, Ontario, Canada.

28.        Madge married Harold Scarlett in 1931. She lives in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

29.       Emily Swanton married Harvey Wilson. They have two sons, Robert and Ken Wilson. They live in Delhi, Ontario, Canada.

30.       Robert Swanton was born in 1909. He married Betty McKenzie in 1937. They lived in Sarnin, Ontario, Canada.

31.       Agnes Swanton has two sons and a daughter in Windsor, Ontario.

36.       Anita lives in Guayaguil, Ecuador, South America.

38.       James Pearce, a farmer, lived at Spring Hills, Alexandra, Victoria, Australia.

39.       Alan Henry Swanton, farmer, married, and lived at Craigow, Alexandra, Victoria, Australia.

40.       Robert Swanton was a Presbyterian Minister and a professor on the staff of the Theological Hall, Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

41.       Harold Thomas was a civil engineer. He lived in East Malvern, Victoria, Australia.

Sixth Generation

44.       James Swanton of Craigow, Victoria, Australia, was a farmer.

45.       Mary Swanton of Craigow, Victoria, Australia, was a librarian.


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