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James Swanton and Phoebe Salter

First Generation

1.    James Swanton was born around 1839, the son of James Swanton. He was a
       Scripture Reader. James married Phoebe (Phebe) Salter on August 9, 1860 in the
        parish church of Kilbrogan, Bandon. This was a United Church of England and Ireland.
       At the time of his marriage, James lived in the parish of Ballymodan.

       Phoebe Salter was the daughter of Samuel Salter, a shopkeeper. She lived on North
       Main Street, Kilbrogan parish. The witnesses to their marriage were Samuel Salter,
      John Loane, and Robert Salter.

They had the following children:

        2.    Male, born July 13, 1867, Castle Road, Bandon
        3.    Abraham Swanton, born July 13, 1870, Watergate, Bandon
        4.    John Swanton, born September 7, 1873, Watergate, Bandon
        5.    William Swanton, born January 28, 1879, Hogan's Row, Kinsale

James may have died in 1883 or 1884.