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James Swanton and Ellen Kennedy

First Generation

1.    James Swanton was a Catholic seaman from the townland of Rathcoursey East in
        the parish of Garranekinnefeake, Midleton, County Cork

       He was probably born in the late 1840's or early 1850's. He married Ellen Kennedy,
       who was born around 1847, and they had the following children:

               2.    Patrick Swanton, born 1863
               3.    Michael Swanton, baptized February 24, 1867.
                      Sponsors: Thomas Neil & Mary Swanton.

               4.    Fanny (Frances) Swanton, born November 1, 1872  
               5.    Mary Kate Swanton, born December 10, 1878
               6.    Margaret Swanton, born 1877
               7.    Nellie (Ellen) Swanton, born 1882

        In the 1901 census, Ellen Swanton is enumerated as the head of the household and a 54 year old widow. She was a shopkeeper, Roman Catholic, and could read and write.

Second Generation

2.    Fanny Swanton was born on November 1, 1872 in Rathcoursey, Midleton, Cork, Kate Sheelian, present at birth. (Source: Civil birth record).

According to the parish records of the Catholic Church in Aghada, Frances was baptized on September 8, 1872. The baptismal sponsors were Michael Swanton & Catherine ? (not Swanton) (Source: Parish records researched by Celtic Origins)

In the 1901 census, she was enumerated as Frances Swanton, age 26, seamstress, Roman Catholic, single, read & write.

3.    Mary Swanton was born on December 10, 1878 in Rathcoursey, Midleton, Cork
       Source: Civil birth record.

4.    Patrick Swanton was probably born in 1863, although in the 1901 Ireland census, he was listed a single, 34 year old  Roman Catholic fisherman (this would make his birth year 1867), who could read and write.

Patrick Swanton was baptised in the Roman Catholic Church in Aghada on August 30, 1863. His baptismal sponsors were Michael Swanton & Ellen Hickey. (Source: Parish record researched by Celtic Origins)

5.    Margaret Swanton was born around 1877. She married a Glavin. In the 1901 Ireland census, she was enumerated as Margaret Glavin, daughter of Ellen Swanton, Roman Catholic, read & write, 24, married.

        7.     May Glavin was born around 1899
        8.    Fannie Glavin was born around 1900

6.    Nellie Swanton was born around 1882. In the 1901 Ireland census, she is listed as
       Roman Catholic, read & write, 19, dressmaker, single.


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