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George Swanton

First Generation

1.     George Swanton married Nancy Duke. They had a son:

    2.    Robert George Swanton, born November 5, 1852.

        According to the Swanton Family History Worldwide, George was the first of
        his family to emigrate, and he settled in Westchester, NY with a wealthy family,
        where he worked as a butler or gentleman's gentleman. He met his wife, Elizabeth
        McKissack,  in Westchester. She was born in Douglas, IIsle of Man, England, in
       1862.George did a stint in her Majesty's Royal Cavalry in Egypt and told fabulous
        stories about it.

      3.    Gertrude Rose

2.    George's sister married someone by the name of Lawrence in County Kildare, of
       (Salmon-Leap) Leixlip.

Second Generation

3.    Gertrude mentioned a grandparent by the name of Noble. She came to the Swanton
       reunion in Skibbereen, Ireland in 1979. She brought two guests with her: Richard
       and Ruth Weston of Encino, CA.


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