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Francis Swanton and Mary Lynch

First Generation

1.    Francis Swanton married Mary Lynch of Brooklyn, NY. She died in her 80's in the mid 1950's.

    2.    Francis Jr.
    3.    Gerald F.

   Second Generation

2.    Francis Swanton Jr. never married. He worked for the Herald Tribune, and died in 1970.

3.    Gerald F. Swanton married Katherine R. O'Donnell in 1934. She was born in 1904. He was with Moore McCormack.

    4.    Gerald F. Jr.

Third Generation

4.    Gerald F. Swanton Jr. married Ann Marie Moore on September 12, 1959.

    5.    Elizabeth Ann          b. July 23, 1960
    6.    Gerald F. 3rd           b. February 5, 1962
    7.    Thomas Moore        b. December 2 1964
    8.     Jeanne Marie          b. October 15, 1967

Gerald Jr. left the family after Jeanne Marie's birth. He is believed to be living in Queens.


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