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Benjamin Swanton
Mary Swanton

First Generation

1.    Benjamin Swanton was born in Ballydehob about 1818. He married his first cousin,
       Mary Swanton, and they had the following children:

            2.    George Swanton
            3.    James Swanton
            4.    Benjamin Swanton, born 1856
            5.    Sarah Swanton

Second Generation

3.    James Swanton had four sons and three daughters. The sons never married and they
        lived on farms in Ireland.

4.    Benjamin was born in Clonee (near Bantry) and died on October 13, 1923. He married
       Mary Kingston in 1888. Mary was born on April 14, 1867 at Lower Meenies  near
       Drimoleague, Cork and died on February 23, 1945. They had ten children.

      6.    Benjamin Swanton, born 1889
      7.    Molly Swanton, born August 16, 1890
      8.    William Swanton, born  May 12, 1892
      9.    Samuel Swanton, born April 13, 1894
    10.    George Swanton,  born 1895
    11.    Annie Swanton, born August 14, 1900
    12.    Violet Swanton, born April 5, 1901
    13.    James (Jim) Swanton, born 1904
    14.    John Swanton, born August 18, 1907
    15.    Sarah Swanton

Third Generation

6.    Benjamin Swanton married Kate Ann Ross.  Kate was born in December 1902 and
       she died in February of 1976. They had 7 children, all of whom were born in County
       Cork, Ireland. Benjamin died on August 14, 1962.

                       16.    Chrissie Swanton, born April 1930
                       17.    Sadie Swanton, born. August 1931
                       18.    Violet Swanton, born Nov. 1933
                       19.    Benjamin Swanton, born February 1936
                       20.    Susan Swanton, born April 1939
                       21.    Lillian Swanton, born January 1941
                       22.    William Swanton, born May 1944

7.    Molly Swanton married Eddie Agass and lives at Basingstoke Hants, England.

8.    In 1912, William Swanton  went to Canada with his brother Sam to live with their uncle
      Jack Kingston. William was in the Canadian Army from 1914 or 1915 to 1921 or 1922.

      Then he went to Dearborn, Michigan, where he married Karoline Lean Ziegler. Her
      father was Fritz Ziegler. Karoline was born on June 10, 1891 and she died on May 3,
     1949. Karoline had a daughter, Erna, who was born in Germany, and she and William
      had two children. William died in 1982.

                    23.    Vera Swanton, born February 9, 1927 in Germany
                    24.    William Henry Swanton, born November 22, 1928

9.    In 1912, Sam Swanton went to Canada with his brother, William. He married and had
       two children by his first marriage. 

                    25.    Ica (daughter)
                    26.    Fred

    Sam then married Velma Lamay and they had one child. Sam died on January 12, 1978
    at Clare, Michigan.

                    27.    Helen

10.    George Swanton died in 1939 in Cork.

11.    Annie Swanton married Paul Bateman. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons and live at
         Madame, Clonakilty, County Cork.

12.    Violet Swanton married Richard Ross. They have three sons and 2 daughters and live
         at Castletown Village, Enniskeane.

13.    Jim Swanton died at ten months.

14.    John Swanton lives in London at 115 Elmhurst Cresent, East Finchles.

15.    Sarah Swanton married George Deane. They had 2 children who died young.

Fourth Generation

16.    Chrissie Swanton married Jack Kingston

                28.    Paul Swanton
                29.    Kenneth Swanton
                30.    William Swanton

17.    Sadie Swanton married Jack Deane.

31.    Albert Swanton   
32.    Mary Swanton
33.    Susan Swanton
34.    Robert Swanton

18.    Violet Swanton married Jackie Shannon.

                35.    Elizabeth Swanton
                36.    Leslie Swanton
                37.    Gordon Swanton
                38.   Susan Swanton
                39.    Jean Swanton
                40.    Vera Swanton

19.    Benjamin Swanton never married. He is/was in a mental hospital in Bandon.

20.    Susan Swanton stayed single and is/was a nurse in Dublin, Ireland.

21.    Lillian Swanton stayed single and lives on the family farm in Meenies, County Cork.

22.    William died at 3 months.

23.    Vera Swanton married Robert Hilton. She died in September of 1958 in Dearborn,
          Michigan. They had the following child:

                41.    Jimmy

24.    William Henry Swanton was in the U. S. Army for 20 years. He first married Jacqueline
          Bourd in Orleans, France. They had the following children:

                42.    William F., born December 1, 1958
                43.    Richard Edward born February 6, 1960
                44.    Vera Laura, born April 1961

He and Jacqueline divorced, and he married Helen Parker Diener, a divorcee with three children. He later adopted the children and they had one child together.

                45.    Terri Lynn Swanton, born October 1, 1962
                46.    Scott Lance Swanton, born March 8, 1964
                47.    Tracy Leigh Swanton, born September 13, 1966
                48.    Laurie Marie Swanton, born November 13, 1972


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