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Abraham Swanton

First Generation

1.    Abraham Swanton came from County Cork to New Jersey and died in Port Monmouth,

        2.    George Francis, born 1889 Boonton, NJ
        3.    Abraham
        4.    Mamie
        5.    Kate
        6.    John D.

Second Generation

2.    George Francis Swanton had one daughter that we know of. Her name was Anna and
        she lived in New York City on Wadsworth Ave.

3.    Abraham married Rose Cowan of County Cavan, Ireland.

          7.    Clifford, Denville, NJ
          8.    William, Whippany, NJ
          9.    James, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
        10.    Marion, Hackettstown, NJ
        11.    Robert, Whippany, NJ
        12.    Alice, Parsippany, NJ
        13.    Eugene
        14.   John
        15.    Abram Gregory
        16.    Philip John

6.    John D. was killed in World War I in France in action.

Third Generation

13.    In 1979 Eugene lived in East Orange, NJ.

14.    John died at age 14 of appendicitis.

15.    Abram Gregory was killed in action in Normandy in 1944.

16.    Philip John died at 54 after retiring from the military after serving 26 years.


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