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Robert H. Swanton

First Generation

1.    Robert H. Swanton of Brade House near Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland.

Second Generation

2.    Thomas George Swanton emigrated to United States in 1892. He married Violet Ocea Abernathy. He also had two sisters, Grace and Nellie who went to Saskatchewan, Canada. He may have had a brother named Scott.

    3.    John Edwin, born 1905 in Coos Bay, CA (Marshfield)
    4.    Elizabeth Ann
    5.    Thomas George Bennett II, b. 1909 (fraternal twin of Violet Abernathy)
    6.    Violet Abernathy, b. 1909 (fraternal twin of Thomas George Bennett II)
    7.    Daisy Fidalia
    8.    Roberta

Third Generation

3.    John Edwin Swanton married Mary Elizabeth Ward on April 23, 1937. He was in the Navy until he retired with full disability as Chief Warrant Officer after 27 years' service.

      9.    Ian Richard, born December 12, 1941
    10.    Patricia Diane, born September 23, 1942
    11.    Rosemarie Therese, born September 2, 1943

4.    Elizabeth married Charles Howard Richards. She died in 1983.

    12.    Elizabeth Ann
    13.    Charles Howard

5.    Thomas George Bennett Swanton II was a Captain in the United States Reserves. He married Faye. Thomas dissolved the law firm and took a judgeship.

    14.    Thomas George III
    15.    Kathleen Louise
    16.    Coleen

6.    Violet Abernathy married Rev. Frederic Jennings, a Colonel in the United States Army. He emigrated from England. Violet was a music teacher and a graduate of the University of Oregon.

7.    Daisy Fidalia married Claire Hamblin, an architect.

    17.    Terrance, born 1943

8.    Roberta married Frederick Keiser.

    18.    John Frederick
    19.    Diane

Fourth Generation

17.    Terrance Hamblin married James Gilbert.

18.    John Frederick Keiser is a building construction engineer from Stanford, CA.

19.    Diane Keiser married and divorced David, an entomologist from the University of Corvallis, Oregon.

    20.    Eric
    21.    Cheri
    22.    A girl


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