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John Swanton

Note: I have two trees for this family, and I'm working at combining them.

First Generation

1.    John Swanton married Elizabeth Wright,  Bantry, Ireland

    2.    Robert, born 1798
            8 more children, names unknown

Second Generation

2.    Robert Swanton married Elizabeth Wolfe of Ballydehob, Ireland in 181. He died in 1861.

      3.    John, born 1822
      4.    James William, born 1823
      5.    Richard
      6.    William
      7.    Ellen
      8.    Ann
      9.    Sarah
    10.    Elizabeth
    11.    Mary

Third Generation

3.    John Swanton married Ann Wolfe in 1862. They lived in Rathruane (Rathravane) Beg near Ballydehob. He emigrated to the US as a young man, but returned home. He married twice. He was the father of 18 children, most of whom emigrated to the United States, Canada and Australia.

    12.    Robert, born January 1863
    13.    Samuel, born August 20, 1864
    14.    Elizabeth, born August 4, 1866
    15.    Margaret born May 1, 1868
    16.    Margaret Ann, born May 14, 1889
    17.    James, born September 14, 1870
    18.    John, born September 2, 1873
    19.    George, born February 28, 1876
    20.    Sarah, born May 5, 1877
    21.    Joseph Wolfe, born May 5, 1882 in Rathruane, Ireland
    22.    John Hugh, born November 13, 1883
    23.    Charlotte, born September 11, 1886
    24.    Fannie, born August 10, 1887
    25.    Fannie, born June 18, 1888

4.    James William Swanton was a clerk of mills and a farmer. He married Mary Sullivan or Swanton. He lived in Rineen, Cork. He belonged to the Church of Ireland, but he and his family joined the Methodist Church. His Irish book said that Swanton was a form of a Scottish name Swanson originating in Caithness. He died in 1877. A grandson, also named James, emigrated to Australia, and is the father of Harold T. Swanton of East Malvern, Victoria, Australia.

    26.    Robert, born 1850 in Cork
    27.    John, died in Australia (single)
    28.    William, died in Australia (single)
    29.    Richard
    30.    James, born 1868
    31.    Tom
    32.    Sarah
    33.    May
    34.    Elizabeth
    35.    Nellie

Fourth Generation

26.    Robert Swanton married Margaret Sweetnam from Mt. Gabriel in 1896.Robert died in 1920. Margaret was born in 1869 and died in Canada in 1951.

    36.    Maisie Victoria, born 1897
    37.    James W., born October 1898
    38.    Austin, born 1899
    39.    Sarah, born 1900
    40.    Richard, born 1902
    41.    Tom, born 1903
    42.    (Margaret) Madge, born 1905
    43.    Emily, born 1907
    44.    Robert, born 1909
    45.    Agnes, born 1913 in Watts Kay

15.    Richard Swanton married twice. After his wife died, he went to South America. He is the grandfather of Alan Swanton of 58 Wolverton Drive, Gladstone Park, Victoria, Australia. He married a Spanish girl, Inocentia.

    46.    Enrico
    47.    Ricardo
    48.    A son
    49.    A son
    50.    Anita   
    51.    Bessie

17.    James Swanton lived in Rochester.

    26.    Roy
    27.    James H.

18.    John Swanton emigrated to Australia. His daughter is Diana Broadhurst of South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.

20.    Sarah married a Shannon-Thomas. She emigrated to Rochester and had a daughter Frances Grace born August 19, 1897 who married a Gamble and moved to North Canada.

21.    Joseph Wolfe Swanton married Georgina Lidstone, born 1882 in Schull, Cork. He emigrated in 1905 to Rochester. He died in 1943. He worked at Kodak Park and was a Webster fruit farmer. He said thta some Swantons came to Cork from Tipperary and others from Wexford. He said his family came from Wexford.

    28.    George Lidstone, born 1911
    29.    Robert Wolfe, born 1919 in Rochester, NY

Fifth Generation

26.    Roy Swanton is deceased, had a daughter Ruth Swanton Shannon.

27.    James H. Swanton lives in Rochester.

28.    George Lidstone Swanton died in 1947. Married.

    30.    Margaret

29.    Robert Wolfe Swanton married Muriel Hopkins in 1944. She died in 1962. They lived in London. Robert went overseas in World War II as an interpreter. He is a Library Researcher and stayed in London. His hobby has been to search for very early Swantons. In 1972, he married Marie Antoinette Falaise.

    31.    Marcia, born 1952

Sixth Generation

30.    Margaret lives in Fairport, NY. She married Alfred Cardona and they have five children.

31.    Marcia is now Mrs. Marcia Swanton O'Gorman and lives in Philadelphia, PA.

32.    Andrew R. Swanton of Port Huron, Michigan, is the grandson of James who emigrated to Rochester (#17)

Robert (#29) is seeking information on John Swanton (#1) who married Elizabeth Wright towards the end of the 18th century. His address is:

6 Salisbury House
Rodwell Close
Ruislip, Middlesex
England HA4 9NE


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