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Robert Hutchinson Swanton and Margaret Hutchinson

First Generation

Robert Hutchinson Swanton married Margaret Hutchinson in Ireland in 1837.

Source: Casey Collection (O'Keefe)

They had the following children:

They emigrated to Staten Island, New York in 1865.

Second Generation

Abraham Swanton married Mary A. McDonough.

They had the following children:

All five children were born in New Brighton, Staten Island.

The family moved to New Jersey around 1900.

Third Generation

George Swanton married AnnaSchmidt of Boonton, Jersey.

They had the following children:

Anna, Margaret and George were born in New Jersey, and Frank and Joseph were born in Chelsea, Vermont.

Fourth Generation

Margaret and Anna lived in the same apartment building at 371 Wadsworth Avenue for about 40 years. Anna lived on the first floor and Margaret lived on the third floor.

Source: Marsha Ripley, granddaughter of Margaret Swanton, June 6, 2004