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Swanton Family History Worldwide
by Louise May Swanton

This book was written by Louise May Swanton in 1989. She married into the Swanton family and spent an incredible amount of time and energy researching and organizing this Swanton information. I regret that I never had the chance to meet this amazing woman.

It's probably coincidental that my interest in researching my Swanton family history began within a month after Louise's death, but I like to think that she passed this project on to me. This section of my web site is dedicated to Louise May Swanton with admiration and appreciation.

Please note that this book was written in 1979, before the Internet. Some of the information contained here is inaccurate and outdated, as modern tools have made family research much easier and more accurate. Since these pages are images, I can't make changes to them directly. However, I have added a Corrections section for updated information that people send me about their family lines.


English Swantons from 1242 to 1697

Place Names of Swanton in England

Individual Early Swantons from Other Sources

Bruton Parish Records 1554-1625

Swanton Family of Bruton

Letter from Ernest Swanton

Peter Swanton of Australia's Genealogy from 1546 to 1978

Glastonbury Records from Mary Swanton of New Zealand

West Pennard Records from Patricia Cotton of Glastonbury

Historical Articles

Swanton English Wills

Birth, Marriage & Death Records from St. Catherine's House
by Maude Stumbles and L. Swanton

Mormon Records for England
    Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertford, Kent, London, Norfolk, Nottingham, 
    Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey and Wiltshire

Mormon Records for Scotland and Barbados
    Caithness, Fife, Perth and Barbados

Swanton Coats of Arms

Restoration of Swanton Mill

Irish Historical Background

Letter from Robert Swanton

The Cromwellian Settlement Times

National Library, Dublin

Historical Manuscripts Commission

From Trinity College, Dublin

Alumni Dublin and Wills

Letter from Jonathan Swift to Mrs. Swanton in 1733

Map of Swanton Ancestral Places

Griffith's Evaluation 1852

Excerpts from Volumes by Dr. Casey

Dublin Castle's Report on Swantons

Mrs. Rosbottom's report looking for Patrick

Mormon Records in Ireland

Ballydehob Records

Skibbereen Parish Records

Skibbereen Court House Records and Dublin Records

Swanton Marriages of Cork by Thomas Swanton

Wills of Cork by Jasper Swanton

Swantons of County Cork in 1908, 1924 and 1946 by Daniel Swanton

Phone Numbers for Swantons in Ireland in 1978

Swantons Living in Cork in 1979

Swanton Reunion in 1979

Early Swanton References in France

Peter Swanton's Genealogy - Australia

Swantons in Australian Phone Books

The Tragedy of Grosse Isle

Canadian Swantons

English Swantons

French Swantons

Irish Swantons

South African Swantons

United States Swantons

Descendants of Patrick Swanton

Swanton House, Decatur, Georgia

John Reed Swanton

Melville Harold Swanton