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Family Probate Records

Anne O'Neil Swanton's Separation Support 1900
My great grand aunt

Anne O'Neil Swanton's Guardianship 1909
My great grand aunt

Anne O'Neil Swanton's Will 1921
My great grand aunt

Ellen M. Lantry Hanlon's Will 1943
My great great grand aunt (through her husband)

Ellen T. Swanton Cleary's Will 1932
My great grant aunt

Ellinor Swanton's Will, July 1798, Cork City
No known relationship

Frantisek Balizek's Name Change 1916
My great grand uncle

Hanora Hanlon's Guardianship
No known relationship

Hannah Swanton's Will
Second cousin twice removed

James M. Cross' Will
Great grand uncle

Margaret Cowan Swanton's Will
No known relationship--husband's name unknown

Margaret Flynn Swanton's Will
No known relationship
Wife of Charles Swanton, RC, carpenter
Probably from the Middleton Swanton line

Marion Louise Cross Swanton's Will 1927
My grandmother

Margaret Hanlon Halloran's Will 1912
My great great grand aunt

Mary A. Hanlon Separation support
No known relationship

Mary Fitzgerald Hanlon's Will 1883
My great great great grandmother

Mary Straight Hanlon's Will 1927
My step great great grandmother

Michael Cleary's Will 1925
My great grand uncle

Patrick J. Finan's Will 

Patrick Hanlon's Will 1905
My great great grandfather

Robert A. Swanton's Will 1933
My great grand father

Robert A. Swanton's Will 1931
My grand uncle

Robert Swanton, Counsellor at Law, Cork and NY

Rosanna Hanlon Swanton's Will 1945
My great grandmother

Thomas Cross' Will 1890
My great great grandfather

Thomas Cross' Will 1932
My great grandfather

Thomas H. Hanlon
Partition of 60 Gates Street Property 1912
My great great grand uncle

Thomas J. Hanlon's Will
No known relationship

Thomas Halloran's Will
My great great grand uncle (through his wife)

William Swanton's Will 1929
My great grand uncle