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Updated August 24, 2018

Swanton Family Videos from the '80's and '90's

Cousins Playing Cards on Sunrise Beach, Marshfield, MA circa 1989

Dad Playing the Piano

Dad's 65th Birthday Party in Marshfield with Belly Dancer, 1989

Eileen Saying Goodbye 1989

Mom, Eileen and Lynnie at the Beach, 1989

Stacie at Sunrise Beach, Marshfield, 1989, Part One

Stacie at Sunrise Beach, Marshfield, 1989, Part Two

Stacie Playing Cards with Grammy 1989 Marshfield

Sunporch Party with Relatives 1989

40th Anniversary Surprise 1989

Stacie on the Beach 1989

Stacie at Logan Airport with Grammy 1989

Stacie and her McDavitt Cousins Playing on Sunrise Beach in 1990

Stacie, Kevin and Julie at Sunrise Beach 1991

Stacie, Kevin and Julie Playing Miniature Golf 1991

Big Storm in Marshfield 1991

Stacie and Ginni Escaping from the Bad Guys at Seattle Center 1991

Gran Opening Christmas Presents in West Roxbury, 1991

Easter Dinner at the Swantons in West Roxbury, 1991

Stacie's 5th Grade Flute Concert

Ksenia Mienscow Haller's 92nd Birthday in 1992 (Gran)

Stacie Bowling with her Friends in 1992