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Martha Swanton was born in 1858 in Boulteen, County Cork, Ireland. This is near Enniskeane, just west of Bandon.

Her parents were Michael Swanton and Elizabeth Bradfield Swanton. She was named after her grandmother, Martha Bradfield. Martha emigrated to Boston, MA,  where she married Michael Crowley, a paver, on February 6, 1883. They were married by the Rev. Wm. J. Corcoran, Boston, a Roman Catholic priest at St. Vincent de Paul Church in South Boston. Michael's parents were Michael and Mary Crowley.

Michael and Martha Swanton Crowley had the following children:

Martha Swanton Crowley died on December 25, 1927. She lived at 180 Dorchester Ave., South Boston.

The will of my great-grand-uncle, William Swanton, lists his nephews Leo D. Crowley and Robert Crowley, and his niece, Catherine Brousseau as three of his heirs-at-law and next of kin.


Name   Residence   Relationship
Robert Swanton 42 Dix Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Brother
Ellen Cleary Putnam Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts Sister
Leo D. Crowley 8 Covington Street, Boston, Massachusetts Nephew
Catherine Brousseau 42 Essex Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts Niece
Robert Crowley Story Street, Boston, Massachusetts Nephew
Mary Lane 26 Merrill Road, Worcester, Massachusetts Niece
Catherine Finnin Address unknown Niece
Mary E. Bradley 640 West Roxbury Parkway, Boston, Massachusetts Niece
Patrick Swanton Columbia Road, Boston, Massachusetts Nephew
John Swanton Old Harbor Street, Boston, Massachusetts Nephew
Michael Swanton West 9th Street, Boston, Massachusetts Nephew

Until a couple of weeks ago, the above was all the information I had about this branch of the family. Mary Crowley Hornung's granddaughter contacted me after seeing my web site and she has provided a wealth of information and pictures!

Michael and Margaret Swanton Crowley's son, Michael, met Margaret Reilly in New York while he was in the Navy. They were married at St. Aloysius Church, 209 W. 32nd Street in New York City on April 22, 1919. The witnesses to their marriage were Carl W. Rose and Helen McDermott.

Margaret Reilly was a widow when she married Michael Crowley, and she had two daughters from her first marriage:  Mary Crowley (Hornung) and Josephine Crowley (Monahan). Mary is still living, but Josephine passed away in 1998.

On July 8,  1921, Michael and Margaret Reilly Crowley had a son, Michael J. Crowley. He was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Veronica in New York City by the Reverent William Renely (?). His baptismal sponsors were Robert Reilly and May Johnson (?). Michael J. Crowley died in 1939 at the age of 18 of cancer. Margaret's husband, Michael Crowley died in August 1934 of a strep infection. Margaret Reilly Crowley was buried on October 2, 1947 at the age of 57.

Michael J. Crowley, Michael Crowley, and Margaret Reilly Crowley were buried in Calvary Cemetary, 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd., Woodside, NY 11377-7396 in Section 41, Range 14, Plot G, Grave 20. The deed for this plot was purchased on May 22, 1916 and recorded in the name of Margaret Phelan. Also buried in this plot is Mary Dunn, buried May 22, 1916. She was 27.

Leo and Robert Crowley both married and remained in Boston. The New York Crowleys visited the Boston Crowleys often, up until the last ten years.

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Martha Swanton

Arthur Brousseau
and the Crowley

Michael Crowley and
Margaret Reilly Crowley