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Swantons in Betham's Will Abstracts

James Swanton of Moylare in Meath, Esq.

Volume 67
Page 36

February 21, 1687-May 30, 1689-90

Sons: Ferdinand, William, Henry (lands in England), James Swanton
Daughter: Frances

Honoria Swanton of Dublin
Widow of Ferdinand Davis Swanton of Meath

Volume 63
Page 60
Entry 149

Dated February 12 1755
p. April 21, 1756

Daughter: Honoria
Daughter: Elizabeth Dalton, wife of Mr. John Dalton
Granddaughters: Catherine and Honoria Dalton
Grandsons: Mead Swift and Richard Swift

Note: Related to Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels

Letter from Jonathan Swift to Honoria Swanton

Honoria Swanton of the City of Dublin, spinster
Daughter of Honoria Swanton and Ferdinand Davis Swanton

Volume 65
Page 159
Entry 391

Dated April 30, 1792
p. April 7, 1796

Mother: Honoria Swanton
Nephew: Richard Swift of Dublin Esq.
Niece: Honoria Magennis orse Dalton (sic). Her maiden name was Dalton.
Elizabeth Magill orse Magennis, daughter of same
Nephew: William Dalton
Jane Swift, wife of Richard Swift
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Swift
Peter Magennis, husband of Honoria Magennis

Mary White Swanton of Kinsale, County Cork
Widow of Godfrey Swanton

Volume 64
Page 70
Entry 165

Dated June 26, 1766--fr. August 1, 1774

Daughters: Jane, Elizabeth and Anne Swanton
Son: James Swanton
Husband: Godfrey Swanton, deceased
James Swanton, uncle of same
Brother: Robert White of Dublin, Gentleman
Brother-in-law: Samuel Taylor of the city of Waterford, Gentleman
Son-in-law: Francis Browne, Esq., husband of daughter Jane Swanton Browne